We are a growing team of people passionate about the future of New Zealand and the next generations.

Joseph Blessing

Founder, Co- Secretary, Well-being Entrepreneur, Director, Builder, Artist, Father and Grandfather.
I felt called in October 2021 to step up from my private and business life and re-enter into a political channel - again. Recent developments in our country have been calling for drastic change!
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Elke Rosendahl

Holistic Consultant for Yes Aotearoa
Visionary, Space Holder, Body Therapist & Reiki Master,
Resident of Golden Bay& Waiheke Island

Maya Meyer

Co- Secretary, Administrator, Organiser, Networker & Connector, Dancer, Poet and Daughter.
I co-create a world where we actively work and learn together to develop greater understanding of ourselves - living up to our full potential.
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Dmitriy Ageyev

Tech lead Yes Aotearoa
Dmitriy cares about creating new economic systems which work in synergy with the natural world and introducing new tools to the local community.
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