Joseph Blessing

Founder, Co- Secretary, Well-being Entrepreneur, Director, Builder, Artist, Father and Grandfather.
Co-Activist in Golden Bay; successfully turned down Motupipi Hill 500-section Subdivision in the Environment Court in 1996; Co-founder of Friends of Golden Bay
Home: Golden Bay, South Island
I felt called in October 2021 to step up from my private and business life and re-enter into a political channel - again. Recent developments in our country have been calling for drastic change!
When we look closely and not get distracted by our consumer life, let’s face it, we are in a mess; in a multitude of crises. I went into retreat, researched and wrote.

I connect with the hardship of our people; sky-high housing and living costs, sickness in our communities, depression and isolation, covid related vaccine injuries, mandates driven job-losses, and terrible segregation in our communities and families.
And I connect with our environment; much of our soil is depleted and shows poor fertility, many rivers and streams are polluted – A very sad state of our affairs.

In the 80’s I was politically engaged; being part of various new awakening movements such as Anti-nuclear, Ecology, alternative forms of Economy and Community Living, my Green Party involvement in Germany and then also being part of the New Greens movement in New Zealand in the 90’s. I submitted to the NZ Green Party paper an article already in the mid 90’s named ‘A New Paradigm’.
But the time was not right then. Now it is different. The signs are there to move up and beyond and reach out and co-create positive change.
I see YES AOTEAROA as our canoe - our WAKA of LOVE.
I move with love and peace on this journey.
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