Our Policies

Yes Aotearoa promotes the following Key Policy Pillars:

1 - Sovereignty - uphold human rights and the bill of rights; build a sovereign NZ - free from Global control. Exit WHO, WEF and the UN; enshrine our NZ bill of rights into the NZ constitution

2 - Equality - one person one vote regardless of race; end race-based policies, we are one people, one nation

3 - Democracy - working with the people for the people; more power to the people, less power to the parties

4 - Freedom - less government interference in our lives; put an end to the nanny state with too many rules, restrictions, detentions and curfews

5 - Free Speech - the right to express your opinion, open debates on any subjects, no mis/disinformation propaganda or control from government

6 - Transparency - no hidden globalist agendas, transparency from our government on any policies and agendas

7 - Media - independent media without government influence, a commitment from media to meet the ethical obligation of reporting unbiased and open minded.

8 - Family - strengthen society through supporting families; enshrine parental rights; prioritise and empower families

9 - Climate and environment - end climate change overreach and control measures, we promote environmental responsibility

Yes Aotearoa has joined the Freedoms NZ Umbrella Party.
We endorse Freedoms NZ Policy Pillars: >>https://www.freedomsnz.org.nz/pillars


Yes Aotearoa stands for the common good of the people and the land. We will tackle problems at the root cause rather than apply short term surface patches, to make positive fundamental change to the core foundations. This approach undergirds the development of all our party policies.

1. Improve the Parliament System to enable true democracy and genuine people representation in Parliament.
We will aim to rejuvenate some of the parliamentary systems and processes to enhance the ability of all parties to work together. We want to empower MPs to be genuine public servants in being more effective in resolving important issues for the people.

a) Remove the Party Whip – by removing the party whip mechanism a genuine collaboration between all MPs from all parties will be easier. Walk the talk, transparent communication, voting with conscience and being a true public servant will serve the common good of our people and our country.

b) New Paradigm Leadership Training – induction training for all MPs in new paradigm holistic models to enhance communication skills, understand trauma, emotional literacy, and to develop more compassion, empathy, and integrity. A new framework to maintain a culture of humility and conscience, which holds MPs to their task of representing their electorate.

c) Independent Media – we are calling for a truly independent and transparent media which will communicate honestly and with integrity. This FREE MEDIA will connect the politicians with the people, online polls and forums. There must be a commitment to truthful reporting on the work of the Parliament and of our politicians. We want to see regular opinion polls allowing people to participate in the public issues, assisting politicians in their decision making.YES
2. Housing -
Objectives: Holistic Affordable Housing Solutions and Community Living in villages, towns and cities: Fostering community - Countering isolation. Massively creating new affordable lease hold villages/towns and communities.
In NZ we have faced an increasing housing crisis in recent years. Sky high prices for properties and rentals.
The actual land values have gone crazy and this contributes in particular to the problem.
We promote the following:
a) Government housing arm offers crown land where suitable, or buys suitable farm land for lease hold developments, and develop it with permaculture principles in mind, which include growing food gardens. Lease hold sections and houses will be real affordable as the land price does not figure.
b) Banks are directed to offer loans for up to 20 years with low interest rates.
c) The governement housing arm develops market villages/towns.
Developing holistic affordable housing solutions and community living. Fostering community, countering isolation.
We want to create market towns and communities on largely leasehold basis, so that living on or building 'our own pad' becomes an affordable option again. Not having to pay for the land cost will make all the difference.
As the land is owned publicly, the effect of capital gains on the land will be cut out. This in turn will relax and counter the massive increase of property values, while the buildings and structures remain privately owned.
3. NZ History.
- Record ALL findings of pre-Maori cultures in the official NZ history.
- Keep an open conversation to increase our knowledge
- Re-open access for our people to the various historic sites, like the Waipoua Forest which currently is forbidden to access
- Include this knowledge in our history books.
- Promote: 'We are all ONE people - all people living in NZ from all races are tangata whenua'.
- Include this understanding in all relevant legislation
- Include this understanding in the NZ constitution.
4. Medicine and Natural Therapies
There is so much preventable illness in our country.
We want to adopt traditional holistic healing practices again into the treatment options, including education about preventative health measures.
We want to recognise and validate the community of integrated medical practitioners publicly.
We want to empower people to get good support in the system to access integrated medical practitioners.
We want to see the Medical Council of New Zealand to be an independent free institution fostering both allopathic and integrated medical practices and promote collaboration between them.
We want to offer education and empower people to know what to do with simple health issues and encourage self treatment and preventative self-care.
Food is also medicine - Nutrition needs to become part of medicine again as it used to be for centuries.
For that our soils need to become healthy again.
5. Healing of the divides
Lockdowns, Covid vaccine mandates, MIQ, emergency laws and its execution plus the government narrative in mainstream media have caused a massive division in our communities and families.
The effects of the above, and compounding impacts, have created a huge hardship amongst many New Zealanders.
Vaccines have caused physical and mental harm, and we will support the independent support groups which are already operating.
In addition, many Kiwi’s lost their jobs through the mandates to stay true to their health requirements. In the process, the country lost many essential professionals including doctors, nurses, midwives, hospitality workers, teachers, police, builders and many more.
We are in a social crisis, with directly associated poverty, violence, substance abuse, depression and suicide flooding our social fabric.
We need a true public open debate about this in a safe, respectful and inclusive manner to learn and understand each other, in order to find aroha and heal and collectively find hope together as a nation.
We offer:
- Immediate stop on all remaining mandates.
- We reinstate all jobs and offer compensation.
- Independent public enquiry into the Government's covid response, including vaccine related policies and laws, Pfizer contracts, Media communication, the vaccine deaths, vaccines injuries, ACC compensations for vaccine injured, etcf
6. Sustainable Fisheries
Tragedy of the commons - our fish stocks are massively depleted. We need to create a major intervention in the way the fishing industry has been operating, and we need to apply rahui, where appropriate. Regenerative fishing methods need to be fostered, and methods that destroy fish stock are to be prohibited. And, a greater percentage of affordably priced New Zealand fish must be made available to Kiwi’s.
7. Restorative Justice - Law and order
New paradigm models are urgently needed. Just locking people away for years to come, without restorative support programs, is not the answer. Over 50% of the prisoners are Maori related. The judiciary response needs to deal with the core of the problem: original trauma and the resulting antisocial behaviour. Compassion and healing practices need to be adopted together with whanau and community processes to assist the healing and integration process.
Facts: In the last 5 years Ram raids have increased massively by a few hundred %, homicides have doubled, domestic violence has increased to a shocking 175ooo cases in 2022. Depression and suicide is also huge in NZ.
This all means that there is a lot wrong in our family and social structure. It means that we need to radically rethink how to fix this. Offenders often come from family homes where there is no whole family, dad or mum or both being absent. Often communities around are also defunct and in its consequences people feel abandoned, isolated, lonely, depressed.
- We promote family, father and son programs, mother and daughter rites of passage events - youth connecting with elders, as patrons for the young.
- We promote to establish a ministry for men and fathers, a ministry for women and daughters with a focus to establish social structures for young men and young women to fill the holes in the youth and give them connection, love and purpose.
This will change a lot and will get the youth off the streets doing stupid reactive stuff as they feel connected with the people in their community.
8. Ecology & Environment
We regard planet earth and our natural environment as a living ecosystem which sustains all living things and our way of life. Humans have a guardianship role – we must respect and care for our natural environment, including the flora and fauna, soil, air and water. We need to ensure that we live in balanced harmony with the earth; stop the degradation and over-exploitation of our precious ecosystems, protect and conserve its species, to support its ability to maintain stability.

We want to comprehensively raise awareness on 'what to do' in order to look after our earth. How to apply wise management solutions for our personal, business and industrial affairs to create harmony with our natural environment. The carbon credit business by establishing pine forestation is not a solution. Forcing emission payments on farmers is not either.
Our human activity, and the detrimental consequences of over consumption must be dealt with wisely. We believe there is abundance for all, we just need to support the implementation of decentralised and fair distribution of resources. Our natural environments need protection from toxic pollutants and are to be regarded as sacred resources.
We offer:
- An independent investigation into the ‘climate crisis’.
- The carbon propaganda needs to be exposed and stopped. Scientists must be scrutinised in terms of their affiliation with  international corporations or globalists with ideological or monetary agendas.
- The agriculture business needs to reform its practices using proven methods to minimise nutrient leachates and toxic pollutants entering our waterways, making them swim-able and drink-able again for humans, birds and fish.
- We want to investigate the cause of CCD (Colony Collapse Disorder) in bee populations, causing massive damage to farming crops due to pollination failure.
- We need to investigate geo-engineering practices like chemtrails, and its impacts on weather patterns.
- We need to manage our waste properly; invest in scaled-up proven recycling methods already being practised by innovative communities, entrepreneurs and artists.
9. Industry & Economy
We would give direction to industries on circular models of manufacturing, which inform the design and making of products based on ecological safety, responsibility to the planet and people, and a circular lifespan. Seeking to support and advance innovative Cradle to Cradle type framework communities for making products which can be up-cycled and re-used. Investing in compostable materials, and needed improvements:
- Improvement of plastic recycling and plastic re-use manufacturing.
- Replacing plastic packaging tapes with cellulose packaging tapes.
- Bottles and cans: taxing single use bottles and cans, and the introduction of re-use bottles like in Europe.
10. Farming and Food production
Agriculture is the backbone of the economy. We value farmers, horticulturists and other food producers immensely. They need to be looked after so that legislation does not push them into a corner which may threaten their existence.
At the same time we see that not all farming methods and produce is good for the land, for the people or for the farmers.
We therefore would like to promote a reshuffle and re-orientation of farming in the medium-term which will benefit long-term the whole country - our land and our people:
- We want a change of our farming practices away from unsustainable and destructive industrial land management practices to organic integrated farming and genuine land, soil and water care. We see that a considerable amount of farmers increasingly struggle with this kind of modern farming lifestyle and due to financial pressures are caught between a rock and a hard place. We want farmers and food producers to not be subjected to such pressures. Therefore we call for change:
- We would like to make New Zealand more and more organic, offering farmers support to convert to more integrated/organic proven farming practices which will also mean that the farms will becomes less monotistic - instead diversify more as farming used to be. Central Europe, like Germany and other middle european countries have already an amazing organic industry. This is the future for a healthy and truly sustainable country and offers a massive growing economy in the sector of food production and food processing.
- We promote nationwide programs with the aim to regenerate natural soil life and soil fertility, adopting proven natural regenerative farming practices.
- We call for artificial chemical fertilisers to be more and more replaced with natural alternative fertiliser methods. By that farms regain healthy fertile soils with natural soil life improving and water ways recovering. 
- We call for the carbon credits industry to be abandoned as it is not an ecological solution when it means that investors are planting massive amounts of pine trees in mono-culture systems. Recent weather events in last years have shown the catastrophic consequences of pine forest clear-cuts and the slash ending up in water ways causing flooding or blocking kilometers of beaches.
11. Water is life and health
We need to honour and respect water as part of our living environment. Access to drinking water is a human right, and should not be owned by any group or be at risk of privatisation.
There are many water issues:
- 3 Waters – we do not support the centralising efforts nor the co-governance of 3 waters, instead we promote keeping the water management de-centralised and local. We wish to explore a government directed agency to collaborate with local water management authorities to establish a cohesive protocol for water management appropriate to local situations.

- Taumata Arowai – The Water quality monitoring scheme in rural communities needs to be a community awareness raising and encouraging project instead of policing process offering education about health promoting practices in rural water systems, giving people choices.

- Fluoride Free – fluoridation is harmful to people's health and must be stopped immediately nationwide. Drinking fluoridated water counters the uptake of the essential iodine which can cause thyroid issues and can cause cancer as it weakens the body’s immune system.
Instead we want to improve the education of children in schools and their parents about appropriate and simple measures to improve dental health. This includes education on how to deal with the bad effects of sugar drinks and sweets on dental health and how to apply dental care using fluoridated toothpaste. Giving people the freedom to choose what is in their drinking water.

- Good water fosters healthy bodies as it supports the natural healing capacities of the body and supports vitality and energy. Healthy vital people support healthy communities and foster strong economies.
We want to introduce a new natural treatment approach to our water system to enhance human and environmental health.

- Chlorine-free – we want the reversal of chlorinated Water in our cities towards other natural treatment options. We would like to learn from Germany and other countries about their ways of achieving 90% chlorine free water treatment for most urban areas.

- Water ways – we want to educate our people and industries to see and recognise our land and streams as sacred. They are part of us, when we pollute them, we pollute ourselves.
We want to adopt a 'sacred waterway policy' whereby users are encouraged to become particularly aware and responsible in their practices.
We promote education and debate to foster this.
We want more far reaching nationwide regulation to prohibit practices that are disrespectful and harmful to the nature of our waterways. This includes private and public households, farming, industry and commerce.
12. Personal Freedom and Human Rights
Our personal freedom and human rights are precious and need protecting against erosion and control from outside interests.
We do not support Public Health mandates that erode people's rights to manage their own health and their freedom of choice.
We want to ensure that any recent laws made, which gives a public servant the authority to exercise power and control over any person, be revoked immediately.
We want to create a NZ Constitution, by that properly confirming and securing the Human Rights and Freedom of New Zealanders and regulating the processes in Parliament accordingly.
13. Our NEW tax Reform and Tax policies - Help the low income earners in times of spiraling living costs.
a) Income tax:
- No income tax below $25,000. This also includes retired people on Super.
This saves the individual income earner approx $3500/year.
Reasons: The current tax system is unfair, low income earners should not have to pay any income tax. They contribute already with paying GST on every purchase. And in our current recession climate with increased living costs many people are struggling and need help. This is one way to assist. We also see fit to increase the next income tax brackets to help people.
- Increase each of the next tax brackets by $10,000 to assist all income earners to come home with more money in their pocket.
This means eg. the 17.5% tax bracket which so far had the ceiling at $48,000 will be now $58,000, and the ceiling of the 30% tax bracket will be now $80,000.

b) Capital Gains tax ( CGT ):
Background reasons to include a capital gains tax:
We as a nation also need contributions/taxes to assist the common pool - our government to be able to manage our country well, this includes money. There are several areas of considerations:
- Reigning in the property prices and the housing market in the future. We see the capital gains tax as one important tool to solve several problems we are facing in NZ today. The 'free' housing market without any tax constraints has majorly contributed for a massive movement in the housing market over decades. In theory it is good that people feel free to move when they want or need to, however the housing market, especially the rental and commercial market and its investments have also become subject of speculation. This has contributed majorly to an increase of house prices, and it is a fact that our children and grand children won't easily be able to afford their own place.
-  Infrastructure: A further issue we have in NZ, we are a small country and have to provide massive amount of infrastructure for our people.
- Repaying our massive debt: in 2023 NZ has accumulated a big problem - we have a huge debt, which will cause more and more dependency if we do not counter this.
Therefore we see the need to assist the country to offer some mitigation measures for these issues.
As a result we see fit to introduce a Capital Gains Tax.
The Capital Gains tax applies only to houses or properties other than a person's home, like a rental, a commercial property, a section, a bach or a second home in one persons name.
The capital gains tax is only applied on the actual gain of a property. Any cost of improvements and interest paid can be deducted.
The amount of CGT can vary depending on how long sb held the property. If the asset was held for less than 12 months,  100% of the capital gain is to be paid at their income tax rate. If sb has owned the asset for longer than 12 months, the person has to pay 50% of the capital gain. Capital gains are taxed at the same rate as taxable income —
For example: sb has sold the rental property after 18 months, therefore 50% of the profit of $120k is applied: $60k. Then, if sb earns $40,000 (17.5% tax bracket) per year and makes a capital gain of $60,000, this person will have to pay income tax for $100,000 (33% income tax) and their capital gains will be taxed at 33%. (This policy is partially taken from the Australian CGT rules.)

Re UBI (universal basic income):  we do not support a UBI. We see the need to create incentives for everybody and especially for the younger generation to participate in the labour market and service industry to contribute and find incentives to get themselves into the labour force, so they learn and grow and earn their own money, this creates confidence and connection.
14.  Freedom camping:
Reinstate Freedom camping rights all over NZ. We need to honour the love of our people for freedom camping and therefore offer nice and appropriate services to cater for it and not limit freedom camping. Recent prohibitions and controls stem from poor management practices, upset communities due to the effects of poor waste management. Such effects should not become the reason to take away from NZers the right to freedom camping.
Therefore we will:
- Offer organised and serviced parking spots for campervans.
- Provide many such parking spots with simple services, such as toilets and water taps - in nice locations in the country - which will be a free service in the country for NZers.
- Set up well serviced city freedom camping spots for campervans which will be chargeable.
- Set up a foreigner freedom camping fee system to contribute to the infrastructure. It will be a sticker showing the expiry date made visible on the vehicle.
- Collaboration with DOC to set up the new Freedom camping system, the freedom camping sites and the sticker system.

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