Our Mission

We want to create fundamental change in politics for New Zealand Aotearoa so the people and the land can heal again and that we can all be empowered, united in our unique diversity and co-create our future in a true democracy.

For this to work we are calling in a new paradigm.

We want to see a new culture, new structures and protocols in politics.

We are calling for whole person based leadership training, so that our Members of Parliament can be empowered to act as TRUE PUBLIC SERVANTS for the WELL-BEING OF THE PEOPLE, THE LAND, AND SOCIETY.

The three main changes we want to make happen:

1) We want the PARTY WHIP to be removed. At the moment the Members of Parliament are hamstrung by the Party Whip. A true democracy needs our MPs to be free to collaborate with any other MPs regardless of party affiliation and they need to be able to vote according to their conscience for the best of the people and the country.

2) We want a FREE MEDIA established, which is committed to truthfully reporting on the work of the Parliament and of our politicians. Journalists must be in service to connecting the people with the MPs and the Politicians and visa versa. We want to see electronic polls set up so that people can participate in the public work and politicians get to orientate themselves around what people are thinking. We need a 100% corrupt-free voting system.

3) We want to establish a whole-person approach; a NEW PARADIGM LEADERSHIP TRAINING for all old and new MPs to learn about Emotional Literacy, and Self Awareness in the role of a public servant verses the Self-driven-ego. It will offer deeper understanding of Conflict Resolution, the psychology of Trauma, Compassion, Genuine Collaboration (not competition), Effective Non-Violent Communication, Understanding of how the personal informs the collective transformation and how to genuinely consult with the people and the constituencies. Part of the Induction process will be that all MPs and Government Ministers need to engage in regular supervision, at least once a month to reflect on their functioning.

With YES AOTEAROA we want to be a NZ Political Party.

We will engage with all small Political Parties and invite them to join us on our call for this new paradigm.

We want to unite all NZ Political Parties with the commitment for a new paradigm and form an Umbrella Political Party, a NEW ALLIANCE, like the Alliance did in the 90’s and stand for the next election.

YES AOTEAROA is our canoe - our WAKA of LOVE.

We are committed to move with love and peace

For the people and the country


Our chosen name Yes Aotearoa stems from our affinity and acknowledgment of the spiritual element of the Maori language, that being the reverence for the land we all live on. 

We as Yes Aotearoa movement were inspired by the name Aotearoa naming our country in the Maori language. Once we looked deeper into the meaning, offered by a Maori man from a tribe in Wellington we learned that we can actually from a spiritual understanding see two words in Aotearoa 

Aotea = the name of a Canoe from the great migration 

Aroaha = love, peace and connection

Please also note that our movement is not invested in any way to change the name of our country to Aotearoa. This is not part of our main policies or agendas.

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