History of the Yes Party

What led to the development and foundation of the Yes Aotearoa party:

The Covid-19 time in New Zealand started with an elimination strategy of the virus throughout the country. The government gained a lot of trust and credit from the nation because of how it handled the initial phase of the pandemic.

However this all changed once the majority government under Jacinda Ardern chose to go into “vaccination is the only solution" mode. 

There was a shift from the “kindness approach to the ‘control and mandate approach’.


There was a sudden pressure to get the whole nation vaccinated with a vaccine that was still in the test phase.

The terms that came with the vaccines were dodgy, for example, that Pfizer would not be liable for the medical consequences.

New controlling laws were formed every day of the week removing the sovereignty of our people, controlling movement, behaviour, and empowering police to enter houses and premises without a warrant.

Mandates to get vaccinated were issued, new ones every week or two.

Coercion and outright bribery were used to scare unwitting groups of people into getting the jab.

The No Jab, No Job became a national slogan. The mandates ‘having to get vaccinated otherwise you lose your job’ affected hundreds of thousands of New Zealanders.

For many there was no choice really, as they had a house and a mortgage and kids to feed. There were many people who felt devastated and let down by our government. They got pressured, coerced to take a vaccine that was unsafe as it was not trialled long enough.

Our government and our laws in NZ are supposed to protect us and not erode our sovereignty and human rights under the flag of a pandemic, in particular when the vaccine is not even that safe or proven to be worth it in the long term.


The contracts the NZ government signed with Pfizer are being kept a secret, even after requests for public disclosure.

The lack of transparency prompted citizens to read the symptoms of a hidden agenda and created suspicion as to why the government was willing to – maybe in good will - sign contracts and issue mandates that caused unnecessary suffering in New Zealand. 

A lot did not feel right any more. It was not just a few people who felt this. As soon as people spoke up, the propaganda started with labeling those people as ‘Anti vaxxers or conspiracy theorists. It only took a week or two and our country split more and more as the propaganda from the government to protect it’s strategy campaign, labeling the resistant people as anything from ‘unreasonable’ and ‘irresponsible’ to ‘idiots’.

Within a few weeks and then months, the government under Jacinda Ardern, Bloomfield, Hipkins and the caucus changed its kind approach to an alarmingly more blinkered and cruel approach, but disguised under the propaganda of saving New Zealanders. 

It became even stranger; despite NZ health professionals NZDSOS led by Matt Shelton and Dr Alison Goodwin (nzdsos.com) questioning the censorship of adverse vaccine effects and coercion in response to the Covid-19 outbreak, there was no public showing of compassion for the hundreds of people, if not thousands by now who suffered adverse effects from the vaccine.

NZ Medical Authorities have thus, also failed the people.

Citizen groups were also speaking up to allow preventative and immune-system-supporting measures plus treatment options instead of only vaccines, but the government refused. There was no mainstream media dissemination of alternative information on natural immunity.

In fact people also asked for more vaccine choices, but the government did not offer choices, only Pfizer. What kind of contract did the government sign with Pfizer ?

That we cannot use any other vaccines ?

That we cannot use any other treatments ?

That we cannot promote any preventatives ?

That Pfizer is not liable for any issues coming from the vaccines ?

The media's main narrative was that any other information by other health experts was ‘a parallel misinfodemic‘. The country became separated using the fear channel.

It did not take long and it became obvious that the vaccines caused side effects from light symptoms to major illness and even to deaths.

It became widely reported by friends, relatives and associates who got vaccinated that they had either had light adverse reactions or suffered more serious issues, though when reported to the doctors or nurses it got played down. Reporting of such was discouraged and avoided.

Why is that?

At some stage the vaccination ‘machine’ got ramped up hugely with money being paid to Marae's to open vaccine stations there and to pay money for each person who gets vaccinated.  What was the incentive to pay that much money ?

We were led to believe that when we get vaccinated that we are safe from Covid, that we won’t even contract it, that it would sterilise the virus.

But this is not true, the vaccine is simply a means to have a less serious illness and more of a chance to avoid hospitalisation. However, as we have seen, plenty of vaccinated people still go to hospital and even die. 

What is more, initially we were led to believe that unvaccinated people will be dangerous as they will still carry the virus, suggesting that the vaccinated people do not. This is also not true. 

This propaganda caused a lot of harm in our families and communities, friendships and society overall. 

Suddenly people did not want to have anything to do with unvaccinated people. They judged them as dangerous and irresponsible. 

Families members were 'un-invited to' Christmas gatherings and friendships severed.

Colleagues in companies or in organisations were avoiding each other. This split was propagated by our own government. The propaganda was designed to get as many people as possible vaccinated. 


Now (at the time of writing) with the vaccine passes we have the next level of control which splits our people even more. 

Now 90% are fully vaccinated, only about 10% are not. The propaganda suggests that the unvaccinated are a danger to everyone else and irresponsible, they just need to get vaccinated.

However our country has always recognised the social responsibility to be compassionate towards minority groups. What has changed?

It is about time that the government and media both recognise that there are groups of people in New Zealand-Aotearoa with varying and valid belief systems, whether they are spiritually based or scientific. These groups may include people who are medically vulnerable also. There has been a lack of maturity to do this and the journalistic bullying and patronising tones have been embarrassing.

In conclusion 

We New Zealanders urgently need a new government.

Sadly all the political parties in Parliament (Labour, National, Act, the Greens, Te Paati Maori) have failed to be robust in any form of leadership capacity in this pandemic and none have shown any intelligent opposition to its propaganda. Nobody in the parliament arena seems to have any better idea how to deal with this situation. It is a statement of incompetence and narrow-minded views on a range of issues. This has been going on not only with the issue of Covid. It is all over the place.

The symptoms of this general lack of competence are obvious and long-standing: many people still suffer from mental disorders, our natural world is crying, pollution and climate issues are threatening our world, civil war conflicts are feeding the weapon industries, insane industrial production creating massive wastelands with plastic littering our oceans, industrial farming polluting soils and waterways and the fishing industries massively eroding fish stocks!

On the surface life looks good (for many). 

However it is easy to overlook the underlying machinery that is keeping us on the drip of the big corporations.

In fact when we look a bit deeper, there is much to be concerned about:

  • An insane amount of Cows on our paddocks creating massive CO2 issues and polluting our waterways with nitrogen.
  • Our country has become totally dependent on pharmacies in every little village.
  • Our health system is trying to control our health with forever pills. 
  • Our people being lulled with beautiful products enticing us into daily consumerism making our life comfortable. 
  • Our soils have become a wasteland – only propped up by adding more and more artificial fertilisers every year.
  • The conflicts in the world or retaining the peace often depend on the power of our weapons. 
  • Our dreams of owning a home evaporated by poor housing policy and finance policy decisions by our current government. Insane House price increases in 2021 speak for itself. 

Is this the world we want to continue creating?

Some drastic changes are required. 

With the new Aquarian Age, the Yes Aotearoa Party sees the potential to introduce new paradigms which are much needed.

And with that new ways of doing things as well as going to the roots of our being and living as a species in harmony with the natural world on which we depend. Nature does not need us, we need Nature. 

This is where change needs to occur. 

From the deeper understanding of our organisms and nature we source the knowledge how to engage with the various needs.

Thousands of years of tradition and knowledge in farming and healing combined with the modern technology and understanding that we can weave new ways into life positively.

But we need to undo what has not been working and be brave to do that ! Here is the beginning:

Let’s do this together 

On this journey 


With beautiful and loving energy.


New Zealand Doctors Speaking Out with Science www.nzdsos.com

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